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Welcome to Example Federation

Jennifer LonglandFederation Chairman

Welcome to the Pembrokeshire Federation

The Pembrokeshire WI is a very active and dynamic WI Federation with 51 WI groups and over 1200 members.

Our WI groups span the whole of the county from Saundersfoot, in the South, to St Dogmaels, in the North and the Preseli Hills, to the East. Wherever you live, in Pembrokeshire, there will (without doubt!) be a WI that you can join, just down the road from you!  We even have WI's who meet at Pembrokeshire College and at the Pembrokeshire County Council offices.  In addition, many of our members also like to join several Wis – it just makes 'getting to know new friends' even better and, of course, means getting involved in so many and varied activities!

The Pembrokeshire Federation was formed in 1921 so in 2016 we will be celebrating our 95th Anniversary.  Just like the whole of the UK, and across the world, we, in Pembrokeshire, also celebrated the WI 100th Anniversary in 2015 in a very big way!  We did so many things in, and beyond, Pembrokeshire such as:-

  • The Garden Party at Buckingham Palace
  • We participated in the UK WI Baton Relay
  • A centenary trip on the steam ship, The Waverley
  • We had a great visit from our friends in the Irish Country Women's Association – Pembrokeshire twins with this association and alternates trips between Ireland and Pembrokeshire nearly every year!
  • Fashion Shows
  • St David's Cathedral Matins Service
  • Bath Christmas Market
  • Chocolate Factory Tour
  • Chicken Farm & Solar Panel Tour
  • Strawberry and Pimms afternoon tea parties, hog roasts evenings and many many more events as well
  • ….just some of the many county wide events, let alone all the many other events that the individual groups also organised

The meetings, across our county, are all so varied – we are so lucky to have so many different groups – those that meet in the daytime, those that meet in the evening.  We also have a great variety of groups with a big mix of ages as well as some that are slightly younger versus those that are slightly older.  Whoever you are and whatever you like to do, you can guarantee that you will find a WI that suits you!

We own our own House in the county town of Haverfordwest (WI house) which is open to members on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 3pm – all our members are welcome to pop in and have a catch up and chat with a Board of Trustee member – between those hours there is always someone there to welcome you!  We use this house for meetings as well as hiring it out for the local community to use for day schools, educational course and seminars.

We are fortunate to have a variety of sub-committees which organise the events both within Pembrokeshire and beyond – these include Combined Arts & Leisure, Home Economics, Membership, Community & Environment and Sports Ambassadors.  We also have our own choir and a conductor who meet every week.  We publish a monthly newsletter, which keeps WI members informed of all future events and enables groups to share information, across the county, too!

2016 is already shaping up to be another really busy and active year.  We've just completed the Centenary Scrap Album competition, we've got quiz nights coming up and we're busy planning a celebration of St David's Day.  We've got Home Economic competitions being planned, walking events, science workshops, board game competitions, and, not forgetting, the theatrical performance of 'Anything Goes' which many of our groups have entered - this will take place at the Torch Theatre.  There is a fabulous holiday planned to take us across to Normandy and even though we are one of the furthest west WI counties in the UK, we're also all getting excited to join in with the WI Annual Meeting in Brighton and many of us are heading over to Denman, too, later in the year.

Quite simply, Pembrokeshire, with all its beautiful landscapes and gentle pace of life, is blessed with having a WI Federation that is so friendly, dynamic and so welcoming no matter who you are, what your age or what your beliefs are – give it a try, you'll just find so many friends along the way!

With my very best wishes and looking forward to meeting up with you very soon!

Jenny Longland
Federation Chairman

P.S. Follow the link to find out more about WI House.